Winners List

Our 2023 winners are…

Prize# First Name: Last Name: Name of Item:
1 Daniel Griffin $50 Gift Card to Deutches Haus
2 Paula  Mueller Glass Guitar Ornament
3 James Smith Circle of Friends Quilt
4 Renee Russo Blue Plate® Mayo Metal Sign
5 Rhonda Blasingame Luzianne T-Shirt
6 Anna Clayton Bullock It’s Always Chicory T-Shirt
7 Rhonda Blasingame Po’ Boy Dressed T-Shirt
8 Elizabeth Kingsley Radiators Prize Pack
9 Terry Ballard $50 Gift Card to Wasabi Sushi & Asian Grill
10 Rhonda Blasingame French Market Prize Pack
11 Brenda Gaudin $75 Gift Certificate to Venezia Restaurant
12 Gail Leist Les Forçats
13 Gail Leist La Village Des Chapitoulas
14 Eleanor Cossa $150 Gift Card for The Maison on Frenchmen
15 Christy Edwards $50 Gift Card to Blue Oak BBQ
16 Michelle Ceraso Cure – New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em book
17 Terrina Cook $50 Gift Card for Toups Meatery
18 Claire Varney Ticket Voucher for Two to ANY Show at d.b.a.
18 Arian Finch Ticket Voucher for Two to ANY Show at d.b.a.
19 Nancy Putnam Autographed Book: The Blues by Chris Thomas King
20 Rhonda Blasingame Hubig’s Pie T-Shirt
21 John Green Paul Sanchez Stetson Hat
22 Chris Joseph Pair of Tickets to Radiators @ the Civic Theater Wed. 5/3/23
23 Julie Lodato Canvas Print of Dr John & Allen Toussaint
24 Christie Oleaga Authentic Zulu Parade Riding Costume
25 Terrina Cook $75 Gift Card to Café Degas
25 Seth Harrison $75 Gift Card to Café Degas
26 Rose Halloran Jamie Risborg Painting
27 Vicki Weber T-Shirt and Hat from Liuzza’s By The Track
28 Vicki Stolber $25 Gift card to Liuzza’s By The Track
28 Jeffrey Cail $25 Gift card to Liuzza’s By The Track
29 Kathryn Rousseau $50 Gift Card to B-Macs French Quarter Bar & Courtyard
30 Julie Greenhouse $100 Gift Card to Atchafalaya
31 Marc Engel Zulu Gold Coconut 2023
32 Lee Chubb $50 Gift Card to Elizabeth’s Restaurant
33 Brenda Gaudin Ruby, Citrine, & Sapphire Necklace
34 Michele Granito Pair of Tickets to Jazz Fest & Miller VIP Tent
35 James Smith Imagine Backpack
36 Heather Keechel RTIC Mardi Gras Ombre Tumbler
36 Tod Kniazuk RTIC Mardi Gras Ombre Tumbler
37 John Barber Pulp Fiction, Original Script
38 Jonathan Reid Reservoir Dogs, Original Script
39 Stephen Kaplan Schindler’s List, Original Script
40 Jennifer Hutter Seinfeld, Original Script: “The Soup Nazi”
41 Mary Richter According to the Rolling Stones
42 Stephen Kaplan Beatles Book Bonanza
43 No winner   Preservation Hall: Music from the Heart
44 Stephen Kaplan Bob Dylan Book Pack
45 Anastasia Brubaker The Beatles Anthology
46 Ronald Berkowitz Billy Joel Crew T-Shirt
47 Jaye Brodsky Beaumaris Sharks Football Club Coat
48 Mary Richter Dirty Harry Styles VIP Tote Bag
49 Shaw Stiller Framed Photo – Boy With Cigar
50 Charles Dagwell Muses Snowball Shoe
51 Pam Fizer When the Morning Comes:  A Mardi Gras Indian Story
52 Mary Richter The House of Dance & Feathers
53 Amy Smith The Incomplete, Year-by-Year, Selectively Quirky, Jazz Fest Book
54 Mark Rabago Collection of Vintage OffBeat Issues
55 Rafael Cotoli Pair of Tickets to Seal 
56 Jaye Brodsky Rancho Gordo Bean Club Sampler
57 Mark Rabago I Ran Down Every Dream
58 Lynette Buras Mosquito Supper Club Cookbook
59 Rhonda Blasingame Bloom County Opus 2.0 Plush
60 Holly  Smith Bayou Wear Top Tie Dress “Music Lines”
61 Nicole Snyder The Oxford American – Southern Music Issue No. 14
62 Daniel Griffin $100 Gift Card to Mr. B’s Bistro 
63 Pam Fizer Duologue CD
64 Andrew Kelly Down to the River CD
65 Sonia Gasparini Super Bowl XLIV Colts V Saints Postal Cache
66 Sonia Gasparini $100 Gift Card to Drago’s
67 James Smith Mignon Faget House Floats Glasses
68 Daniel Ring New Orleans Landmark Collectible Plates
69 Frank Williford David Lindley Live Music Midtown ATL
70 Sherri Watts 2020 Dr. John Jazz Fest Poster
70 Ray Puglisi 2020 Dr. John Jazz Fest Poster
71 Jessica Wolfson 2013 Aaron Neville Jazz Fest Poster
72 David Kimberly 2010 Louis Prima Jazz Fest Poster
73 Daria Labinsky $50 American Express Gift Card
74 Barry Birnbaum $25 Gift Card to Sammy’s
74 Vicki Weber $25 Gift Card to Sammy’s
75 Chris Joseph Graphite sketch of Louis Armstrong
76 Renee Russo $150 BRG Hospitality Gift Card [Multiple restaurants]
77 Chris Joseph $50 Gift Card to Ruby Slipper
78 Chris Lavie Mardi Gras Apron and Towel Set
79 Paula  Mueller Ice Dyed Apron and Towel Set
80 Jacki Moore The Ties That Bind: The River Collection
81 Frank DeLia Charles Muir Lovell Photograph
82 Jay Pollack El Cancionero Mas Y Mas
83 John Barber Trumpet Mafia Hoodie
84 Rhonda Blasingame Julie Sugar
85 Linda Medo J&HF Bandana 2006
86     Void
87 Douglas  Marshall J&HF Bandana 2005, Gators
88 Brenda Ladd J&HF Bandana 1986 with Accordion Border
89 Eric Barton J&HF Bandana 2003, Gator Border
90 Paul Goodall Studio Michaelino Matted Print
90 Shaw  Stiller Studio Michaelino Matted Print
91 Denise Ekdahl Dinner for 6 at Chez Smith
92 Mary  Orcino Mardi Gras Beaded Earrings
93 Jeremy Nusloch Gold & Green Dangle Earrings
94 Dennis Leon Awakening Print
95 Pam Fizer Living Patina Abstract Art Print
96 Bill Reagan Sterling Silver Earrings
97 Ellen Halloren Marcolin Art Crystal Pelican
98 Mary Richter New Orleans Saints 1967 Doubloons Complete set
99 Nancy Gates Sterling silver Thomas Mann design earrings
100 Lisa Bush $150 Gift Certificate to Kabuki Hats
101 Chris Joseph Patry Grand Poobah
102 Janet  Kniazuk Louisiana Live Oak Necklace
103 Erica Beddow $100 Gift Card to Zabar’s
103 Ronald Berkowitz $100 Gift Card to Zabar’s
104 Karen Stevens Old Krupnik Honey Liqueur
105 Joe Wisniewski One Foot Cock Krupnik
106 Amy Potter $50 Gift Card to Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group
107 Jay Pollack Vinyl Lovers Art Earrings
108 Jeremy Nusloch Freshwater Pearl Necklace
109 Melissa Riegert Sugar Skull earrings
110 Janet Kniazuk Wood and Resin Earrings
111 Paul Hilbert Purple & Gray Beaded Earrings
112 Daria Labinsky Backpack
113 Marc Engel Stynger’s Atlanta Live Recordings
114 Steve Walsh Lulu And The Broadsides Live Recording
115 Russ Agdern ROBUSTUS Live Recording
116 Andrew Kelly The Dew Drop Inn Revisited 1995
117 Erica Beddow Leather Handbag
118 John Green Square Bowl
119 Karen Stevens Mardi Gras Tree
120 Joelle Perlic Grande Carnival Pumpkin
121 Jennifer Walsh Wine Goblets
122 Jennifer Hutter Leather and Crystal Triple Wrap Bracelet
123 Michelle Ceraso Leather and Crystal Triple Wrap Bracelet
124 Lynette Buras Handmade Bath and Body Gift Box
125 Mary Orcino Mignon Faget Riverboat Pin
126 Brenda Gaudin Jon Batiste Print
127 Charles Dagwell Samantha Fish Print
128 Jeanine Fleming George Porter Print
129 Marcia Zachs The Little Eazy Guest House
130 Linda Medo Tree of Life Beaded Earrings
131 Andrew Doyle 2023 Jazz Fest Poster 
132 Mary Richter Last Waltz T-Shirt
133 Ken Cryer $50.00 Gift Card to Donald Link Restaurant Group
133 Jeff Mangold $50.00 Gift Card to Donald Link Restaurant Group
134 Andrew Kelly Necklace and Earrings Set with Moss Agate
135 Terry Ballard Peridot & Carnelian Necklace and Earrings Set
136 Russ Agdern Pair of tickets to DumpstaFiya
137 Russ Agdern Pair of Tickets to Papa Grows Funk
138 Russ Agdern Pair of Tickets to Dr Klaw 
139 Daniel Tipton Pair of Tickets to Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe
140 Amy Smith Tie Dye Beret from Kabuki Hats
141 Mark Rabago Spencer Bohren’s Guitar
142 Trey Leist White Guy Dancing T-Shirt
143 John Green Louisiana Sunshine
144 Vicki Weber Star Kitty
145 Jolie Clack Jazz Alligator Door Hanger
146 William Balcke Emerald Blue
147 Paula Mueller I Went Down to the St. James Infirmary
148 Jeremy Nusloch Return to Yakni Chitto: Houma Migration
149 Joe Hogan ETYmotic Ear Plugs
150 Steve Walsh Unisex Beaded Bracelet
151 Blake Krass Monarch Butterfly Beaded Earrings
152 Rhonda Blasingame Small Blue Beaded Earrings
153 John Damico 2022 Jazz Fest Poster – Jon Batiste
154 Douglas  Marshall Splendor in the Brass bayou wear HowAhYa shirt. Size medium.
155 Rafael Cotoli Pink Floyd ‘Hey Hey Rise Up’ 7 inch single and T-Shirt
156 Vicki Weber Joni Mitchell ‘For The Roses’ lp
157 Vicki Weber Chasing Birds Single
158 Susan Hardin Dictionary Art Print
159 Ellen Halloren Dragonflies
160 Michelle Ceraso Boot & Belt Bag
161 No winner   Joshua Tell
162 Nancy Putnam 2001 Jazz Fest Postal Cache – Dr. John
163 Marc Engel 1989 Jazz Fest Postal Cache – Professor Longhair
164 Chris Joseph Graphite Drawing of Walter Wolfman Washington
165 Brenda Gaudin Jon Cleary; Go Go Juice LP
166 John Green Puffer Fish Pin
167 John Green Seahorse Pin
168 John Green Cow Pin
169 Tyanna Bommer Cooking class for bbq shrimp and dinner
170 Ronald Berkowitz Trombone Shorty Postal Cachet
171 Martha Smildsin Beatles Concert T-Shirt
172 Eric Gobet Jazz Fest Cooler
173 Andrew Kelly Fats 80th Birthday Poster
174 Brenda Gaudin Dr John Jumble of Funk Collection
175 Tanya  Younger Vintage Jazz Fest Postcards
176 Pam Fizer Blue Dog Postcard Trio
177 Gerri Malone Le Mardi Gras Print
178 Tanya  Younger Preservation Hall Print 1984
179 Lynette Buras Allen Toussaint “Love-Light” 
180 Marc Engel Uncle Lionel “Love-Light”
181 Veronica Johnson Bad Baby Necklace
182 Charlie Vanderhoof Beatles Playing Cards Yellow Submarine
183 Ronald Lavie Beatles Playing Cards, Pink
184 Chuck Smith Beatles Playing Cards, Yellow
185 Ronald Lavie Beatles Playing Cards, Blue
186 Ronald Lavie Beatles Playing Cards, Orange
187 Jeanine Fleming HBO Treme DVD Set
188 Marc Engel Zulu Black Coconut 2023
189 Julie Greenhouse Pair of Patry Tickets
190 Lynette Buras Pair of Tickets to Smothered Brothers

Our 2022 winners were…

Prize # Prize Name Name
001 $50 Gift Certificate to GW Fins Billie Meyer
002 One pair of Patry Tickets James Criskos
003 Two Night Stay at The Inn at Sweet Water Farm Chris A Joseph
004 2012 Signed Patry Poster Jay Pollack
005 Twenty Minute Interview on the Talking Threadheads Podcast Eric Barton
005 Twenty Minute Interview on the Talking Threadheads Podcast Thomas Siler Claypool
006 Kabuki Hat Kathryn Rousseau
007 Two Night Stay at Mountain Thunder Lodge Daria Labinsky
008 Mardi Gras Necklace Tracy Rau
009 Jamie Hayes Print – New Orleans Coffee Michelle Ceraso
010 DewDrop Earrings: Logo-a-Go-Go Cameos Daniel Griffin
011 Zatarain’s Dirty Rice Hand-Sewn in Felt by Lucy Sparrow Elisabeth Williford
012 Kabuki Potholder, Who Dat Renee Russo
016 Kabuki Potholder, New Orleans Neon Jennifer Walsh
017 Fleur de Lis Metal Purse Janet Kniazuk
018 $35 Gift Card to Toups’ Meatery Vicki Stolberg
019 Crossbody Leather Fleur de Lis Handbag Tracy Rau
020 Black Wrap Bracelet Lynette Buras
021 Snake Print Key Chain Michelle Ceraso
022 New Orleans Wood map Mary Winzig
023 Lapis Skull Earrings Geraldine Malone
024 Silver Disc Skull Earrings Gail Leist
025 Cuff Bracelet Daria Labinsky
025 Cuff Bracelet Patricia Ford
026 Single Ticket to Samantha Fish Daniel Fidanze
027 Black and White Ring Holder Michael Tomb
028 Champagne Glasses Heather McCamey
029 Blue & Yellow Pumpkin John Kozloski
030 Pink & White Pumpkin Pam Fizer
031 Orange & Black Pumpkin Pamela Fizer
032 One Pair of Hot Mix Margarita Glasses John Green
033 Blown Glass Twelfth Night Christmas Tree Frank Williford
034 Single Patry Ticket Anthony Bell
035 Rock N Roll Earrings Isabelle Schneidau
036 Lionel Richie 80’s package Anna Clayton Logan Bullock
037 Little Feat Poster Daniel Ring
038 Pair of Tickets to Lucinda Williams Murray Swim
039 Pair of Tickets to Lettuce & Soul Rebels Rage Fest Michael Rocha
040 2018 Emeril Lagasse Blue Dog Chef Lapel Pin Tanya Younger
041 $25 Gift Card to Liuzza’s Michelle Ceraso
041 $25 Gift Card to Liuzza’s Bryan Richardson
042 All Stars long scarf Cynthia Winfree
043 NFL Saints 1991 Patch, 25th anniversary Nicole Parfait
044 NFL Saints 1996 Patch, 30th anniversary Nicole Parfait
045 2022 Who Dat T-shirt Ellen Halloran
046 Pair of Tickets to Lettuce & Soul Rebels Michael Rocha
047 Wood Beaded Crossbody Handbag Geraldine Malone
048 Beaded Pin Joanna Widner
049 Silver & Turquoise Pin Janet Kniazuk
050 $25 Gift Card to Sammy’s Jeremy Nusloch
050 $25 Gift Card to Sammy’s Barry Birnbaum
051 Stynger’s LMF Recordings, Volume I Marc Engel
052 Stynger’s LMF Recordings, Volume II Barry Birnbaum
053 Stynger’s LMF Recordings, Volume III Michael Rocha
054 Stynger’s LMF Recordings, Volume IV Pam Fizer
055 Mike Zito Guitar String Earrings Michelle Ceraso
056 Hematite and Sterling Silver Earrings Jordan Hamowy
057 Bonnie Raitt Guitar String Necklace Debbie Inman
058 Guitar String Necklace and Bracelet Amy Smith
059 Guitar String Jewelry Set william reagan
060 Black Onyx and Banded Onyx Rosary Jeremy Nusloch
061 6-CD Soul Superstars Collection Brian DiBacco
062 Porches on Parade – House Floats book Pamela Fizer
063 Allman Brothers Band Photographic Memoir Book Anna Clayton Logan Bullock
064 Signed, Matted George Porter, Jr. Print Mary R Beamer
065 Radiators “Kung Pow – Live at Tipitina’s 5/1/1997” vinyl album Pam Fizer
066 $100 Brigsten’s Gift Card Eric Barton
067 $125 Atchafalaya Restaurant Gift Card Marcia J Zach
068 Zulu Coconut #2 Lance J Pearce Jr
069 Zulu Coconut #1 Frederick A Little
070 $125 Gift Card to Elizabeth’s Brian DiBacco
071 Botswana Agate Necklace Charlotte Detraz
072 Brewery Tour & Flight for 4 Guests Robert Bernard
073 $100 Gift Card to Zabar’s Billie Meyer
073 $100 Gift Card to Zabar’s Barbara Nassberg
074 $100 Gift Certificate to B-Macs French Quarter Bar & Courtyard Eleanor Cossa
075 Old Goat Cigar Box Guitar George diBenedetto
076 Authentic Zulu Parade Riding Costume, Blue Tod Kniazuk
077 Authentic Zulu Parade Riding Costume, Green James R Mensch Jr
078 Chickie Wah Wah Jersey & Hat, Size M Heather McCamey
079 Chickie Wah Wah Jersey & Hat, Size 2XL Laura Dinapolis
080 Saints Super Bowl Ball signed by Sean Payton Janet Kniazuk
081 “Doctors, Professors, Kings and Queens” Marc Engel
082 Fiyawerx Hoodie Frank  DeLia
083 Ponderosa Stomp Trading Cards Mary Winzig
084 $50 Gift Card to Louisiana Music Factory Geraldine Malone
084 $50 Gift Card to Louisiana Music Factory Valerie J McGinley
085 $100 Gift Card to Blue Oak BBQ Paul Cooper
086 Pair of Tickets to Jazz Fest + Miller VIP Tent Charles M Dagwell
087 Tie-Dyed Apron Geraldine Malone
088 $50 Gift Card to Deutches Haus Daniel Griffin
089 $50 Gift Card to Drago’s David Ciullo
090 Patry Grand Poohbah Daniel Griffin
091 Chickie Wah Wah Blue T-shirt & Hat, Size XL Charles M Dagwell
092 Sausage Pass, First Weekend Brian Holt
092 Sausage Pass, First Weekend Michele Collins
093 Sausage Pass, Second Weekend Anna Clayton Logan Bullock
093 Sausage Pass, Second Weekend Paul  Joyce
094 Pig Pass, First Weekend Mark Newberg
094 Pig Pass, First Weekend Frank Williford
095 Pig Pass, Second Weekend Greg Boone
095 Pig Pass, Second Weekend James R Mensch Jr
096 $125 Gift Card to Desi Vega’s Steakhouse Barry Birnbaum

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