2011 Jazz Fest Poster

Busking Out: Becoming Jimmy Buffett by Garland Robinette, numbered 3,763 of 10,000. For the 2011 Jazz Festival poster, Garland literally took pages from Buffett’s autobiography & imagined what it would have been like to meet the young musician as he played on the streets of New Orleans in 1967. He pictures Jimmy at the corner he worked as night melted to dawn, with the musician’s trusty Falcon parked nearby. Flying in the distance is a parrot, prefiguring Buffett’s ultimate destination of Key West, FL. And if you look closely on the sidewalk behind the Falcon, you’ll see the contemporary Jimmy Buffett walking into the future, glancing over his shoulder at the young man who would eventually catapult him to international acclaim.

Value: $155.00

Donated by:  Carolyn Rapier