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April 1, 2024


April 19, 2024

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The Threadhead Cultural Foundation uses the proceeds from our raffle to support New Orleans and South Louisiana musicians, artists, and culture bearers through our annual artistic grant cycle.

Threadhead Cultural Foundation

Our Raffle Story

Threadhead Cultural Foundation created their online charity raffle in 2005 and has used the yearly proceeds from it on an ongoing basis to support our New Orleans and South Louisiana musicians, artists and culture bearers. Threadheads are a group of Festival-going music freaks that became friends via various online chat boards including the Pet de Kat Purple Board and the NOJ&HF Forum in the 90s and later. Post Katrina, these good-hearted people decided to GIVE BACK to our region in the best way they knew how, via their pocketbooks!

Threadhead Amy Potter volunteered to utilize her invaluable experience managing fundraisers in California to help preserve the Katrina-endangered culture she had long enjoyed and admired from afar. More recently, our Raffle Queen, Gail Leist, has been involved in a much-needed overhaul and revamp of the online presence to create a more streamlined and robust experience. The raffle is designed to be fun, funky and full of items to fill your walls, ears, bellies and souls, while simultaneously giving a vehicle of joy to those who want to see our regional artists create and thrive!

To find our more about our 501(c)(3) foundation, our events, and our annual grants, please visit us at thcfnola.org.

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