2023 Jazz Fest Poster

QUARTER (LOVE) NOTE: A Portrait of New Orleans’ French Quarter by James Michalopoulos . The French Quarter is a state of mind. A wavy-gravy surreal seventy square blocks tenuously tethered to the United States as a showcase of what a truly eternal, possible yet improbable, irreplaceable, authentic, livable US locale can be when left to its own organic evolution; perfectly human in scale & nature. A sensuous menagerie of diverse souls left to their own devices. Music fills its streets with life’s perfect pitch, syncing to the heart beats of its denizens, psychic, physical and spiritual. Without it, and the city that grew around it, there would be no Jazz Fest, let alone the last bit of unhomogenized American bohemia – birthplace of America’s only native art form – jazz, man, jazz – and unique variations on R&B, Funk, Rap and more. The richest place in America by every non-fungible measure that counts.


Donated by:  Amy Potter



Value: $89