2022 Jazz Fest Poster – Jon Batiste

Terrance Osborne brings superb draftsmanship and an expert colorist’s eye to this work. For 2022, he goes beyond capturing Jon’s fluid energy. He inhabits his subjects prior to lifting a brush, scattering nods to their history throughout each piece. Some examples: The number 11 above the doorway of the house on the left is the address of Jon’s childhood house, his lucky number, birth month and, oh yeah, his number of Grammy nominations this year. The parade parallels Jon’s “love riots,” the second lines he spontaneously forms that bring a taste of New Orleans to other cities’ streets. The piano embodies his composing and leading his band, Stay Human. There’s a shout out to St. Augustine High School’s famous Marching 100 Purple Knights, tracing the inter-generational dialog that has enriched our culture since the birth of jazz – a heritage echoed by the Batiste family – as well as Jon’s attendance there before transferring to NOCCA. You’ll probably spot others.

10,000 Numbered prints on archival paper, unsigned. Measures 18” x 35”.



Donated by:  Jeanine Fleming


Value: $89