Is this Microphone On?

Ready for a Road Trip!?Testing? It’s Over.  The Sound Checks are Complete.  The Donations have been Signed, Sealed and Delivered.  Get Your Duds on.  Bring out your Bling Things.  Plus Your One and Only Funky Stuff.  Even The Walls are Stepping Lively.

We have kicked the tires in all the right places.  The 2015 Threadhead Cultural Foundation Raffle is Up And Running.   If you can’t wait to Get on the Road Again …well press  the graphic to the right.  A Tasty Pit Stop or Two is Always a Possibility.   On our journey together, the Muse is On the Loose. 

Or if Everything is Everything to You…Go right to the Big Board and start Punching Your Tickets to Fun and Glory.  And a good cause. 


    • jazzfestlover says:

      Hi John,

      I’ve tried but I can’t duplicate bringing up a shipping page. In fact, all the items, except the cookbook, should have NO shipping. Perhaps there is link to it that I haven’t found. Did you order a cookbook? If so, try to cancel that item and order it separately after the tickets get through. Otherwise, you may have to start again.


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